Initial consultation

Garden image

Begin the process of transforming your home environment with an informal interview. I will enable you to articulate your needs, tastes, concerns, hopes, and desires, as well as your budget and lifestyle. How do you envision your garden flourishing across time?


At our next meeting, we will review a proposal outlining in detail how your garden will be designed and built, including a breakdown of materials and costs and a schedule of installation. A typical proposal contains a site inventory and analysis, as well as conceptual drawings and preliminary plans, showing the house and surrounding buildings (if any), trees, stonework, major landmarks, drainage features, and pertinent elevations. At this meeting, we will adjust the plan and schedule, confirming the details. When you approve the proposal, we will sign a contract for the garden’s creation.


Final design and installation

I will then prepare the final drawings that will be used to create the garden. This set of drawings includes a master a list of the plant species and other materials used, and a detailed cost breakdown. I will then schedule the installation of your garden. I personally supervise construction and planting to enable each plant to thrive in its new setting and to achieve long-lasting beauty.